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martes, 1 de septiembre de 2009

"Doubt" by John Patrick Shanley - Criticas en DC


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La Duda (Doubt)
by Bob Anthony

It was so wonderful to see and hear a production of Shanley's "Doubt" performed in Spanish and the Venezuelan company at Teatro de la Luna was superb...the best in this year's festival. Elba Escobar proved to be a total equal to American actresses (this critic has seen it done twice in English) and she added a verbal viciousness that was so dramatically appropriate even though unlikely for a religious. Handsome Rafael Romero gave a complete and most satisfactory reading of a affable priest who is being attacked for a crime he did not commit (?). Maria Carolina Semprum was outstanding as Sister Josefina who inappropriately made inferences about people's behaviors so unusual for such a lovely angelic blue-eyed nun. The tops goes to Beatriz Vasquez as the mother... who was slatternly dressed but world wise about immorality... who challenges the religious and the church regarding their moral high horses while the church rots away in its own lasciviousness. It was a powerful production tenderly directed by Matilda Corral. This production could easily win another "Tony" award if it were on Broadway!

Noviembre 2008

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